Leadership Coaching and Training

Companies led by women in C-suite roles outperformed the S&P 500 (companies primarily led by men) by 25%.*

Companies and firms across industries and organizational sizes are failing to recruit, retain, and advance women into senior roles and responsibilities. A DDI World Study identified that 37% of business leaders are women in the top 20% of financial performing companies. (DDI World Study, 2016)

And yet, companies continue to overlook the value of women for senior leadership opportunities. Women leave jobs that provide no clear path for their future career with no audience for their voices to be heard or valued. In certain situations women also feel the pressure to be pigeon-holed on the ‘mommy track’ for their future.

Firms and Companies Need the Diversity of Insight, Experience, and Approach Unique to Women

Women can impact the ROI of companies by empowering others, maintaining the highest standard of integrity and ethics, excelling in communication, and improving productivity.

Unfortunately, many women face a myriad of setbacks and obstacles in their quest to achieve equity and lasting impact on their organizations. Symptoms of these experiences can include:

  • Low confidence – Women need opportunities to show their value to their company and build greater confidence for the future.
  • Self-doubt – Women often wrongly listen to the voices in their heads rather than the internal and external feedback they receive. In many cases women need the nudge to stand up for themselves.
  • Not being heard – Women are often interrupted or have their ideas hijacked for someone’s acclaim.
  • Lack of control over career trajectory – Many women recognize there are times when changes needs to be made, but they often don’t know where to begin.

Successful Women Have Extraordinary Experience…and Need More Opportunities to Make an Impact

Organizations with a growing number of female leaders have a chance to impact their company’s financial growth. Accelerating female leaders’ development and skillsets can lead to increased retention and productivity.

How Chinook Executive Solutions Works with Female Leaders

Julie guides top women in your organization through her proprietary leadership training process. She identifies what may be in their way and how to take control of their career to achieve end goals, improve outcomes, resulting in increased performance for your company.

The following is a sample of Julie’s training framework:

Julie guides your female leaders to:

  • Take control of their careers.
  • Get out of their own way.
  • Use strong language.
  • Build confidence.
  • Overcome the Imposter Syndrome.
  • Give effective feedback.
  • Negotiate to ask for what they want.

Julie and Chinook Executive Solutions customize the leadership training framework for each company based on their most important goals and objectives. Corporate training opportunities are evaluated by industry focus and the preferred learning style(s) of the attendees. Julie also accommodates businesses’ unique communication and productivity needs within necessary time frame parameters.

Empower your female talent through Chinook Executive Solutions.

Individual Coaching – Julie works with up to eight (8) select individuals each year to bring their careers to where they want them to be. This is an application-only opportunity where clients learn to be successful in their current careers and roles. Coaching clients are committed to work hard for themselves to reach their goals and are NOT looking for a quick fix. If you believe you fit this criteria, we invite you to apply.
* Shambaugh, R. (2013). Make Room for Her: Why Companies Need an Integrated Model of Leadership to Achieve Extraordinary Results. New York, McGraw Hill.