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In this FREE guide you will learn five ‘secret’ concepts that will help you build confidence, sharpen your focus, and go after what you really want. Julie Holunga shares from her proven process to generate momentum in your career as a female business leader.

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How are you attracting, retaining, and empowering top female talent?

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Chinook helps attorneys and CPAs thrive in their practices.

Meet Julie Holunga

Julie Holunga started coaching and speaking to help female leaders, attorneys, and CPAs take control of their careers, find the confidence they need, and create a lasting impact on their organizations. Learn more about Julie’s story, expertise, and passion for serving dynamic individuals.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Julie was such a hit, we invited her back to give another talk to our group. Her session got great reviews. Again! People are drawn to her style of speaking, and her interactive format keeps people engaged. I highly recommend Julie as a speaker!”

Rachel · Managing Consultant · Boulder, CO

“I worked with Julie over the last several years as I built my book of business and reached new leadership milestones. I hit $1 million in originations this year. That level of production was something that seemed impossible a few years ago, but Julie’s help in providing me with encouragement, inspiration and perspective has made a real difference for me. I couldn’t have done it without her guidance and accountability around networking, marketing, and advice.”

Billy · Equity Partner · Denver, CO

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Join our Exclusive Community of World-Changing Female Leaders

Female leaders have the power to shatter any ceilings with the right opportunity. Sometimes all it takes is the right system. Join the Women’s Catalyst Network, our inner-circle incubator for experienced female leaders to ask questions, refine their leadership skills, and take action in their careers.

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Individual Coaching
With Julie Holunga

Julie Holunga offers one-on-one coaching engagements. These individuals desire to significantly transform and up-level their career. It is an application-only opportunity (no guarantee of acceptance with application) to ensure the one-on-one coaching is focused, effective, and targeted for her clients, within the ideal mindset and phase of their careers.

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Strategic Team Communications through Emergenetics

Strategic Team Communications can give your organization the framework and language to help your teams and individuals thrive. Julie Holunga facilitates Strategic Team Communications through Emergenetics, a profile assessment tool that examines individual and team’s strengths through seven attributes.

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