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Take Command of Your Career

Want to help your leaders learn to be highly effective and productive through powerful communication? Julie Holunga’s keynotes give your audience the strategies and tools to:

  • Take Command of Unresolved Conflict
  • Take Command of Your Communication
  • Take Command of Your Practice

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Clients Include

Take Command of Unresolved Conflict

Problems typically begin with an unaddressed conflict. Unresolved breakdowns in communication are costly, and if left unaddressed, can derail a team, division, or company. Miscommunication is a precursor to conflict, and is draining your resources: productivity, people, and money. Creating mutual understanding and awareness is essential to your success, whether you’re developing a high-performing team, resolving a potentially explosive employee issue, or negotiating with a client.

In this powerful Keynote Session, participants will gain insights into their natural responses to conflict, learn the strengths and preferences of their own communication styles, and build constructive behaviors to handle conflict. Participants will learn to:

  • Build personal and professional trust between employees
  • Develop and innovate solutions to everyday issues
  • Reduce time spent in (or avoiding!) conflict

Isn’t it time to stop paying the high cost of miscommunication and conflict? This dynamic Keynote Session is designed for professionals who are ready to stop avoiding inevitable conflict and invest in their success. When we are conflict competent, we are engaged, productive, and innovative problem solvers, and that can’t help but impact the bottom line.

Take Command of Your Communication

Are you Coming on Too Weak?

The language you use every day needs to be better than everyday language. Strong leadership language establishes you as a respected leader. Conversely, weak language can get in the way of reaching your goals.

The ability to align your intention with your impact is the cutting-edge communication skill of the savvy leader.

During this interactive Keynote Session, participants will learn to:

  • Detect weak and self-sabotaging language
  • Identify and eliminate bad communication habits
  • Activate a powerful vocabulary to catapult their success

A leadership role is just a title, until you are seen and heard as a powerful leader

Ideal Audience: Professionals who are ready to stop avoiding inevitable conflict and invest in their success.

Take Command of Your Practice

Building Connections and Strategies to Expand Your Book of Business

Your professionals consistently deal with a balance of practicing what they were trained to do, with building their book of business. The problem is that they were not taught how to do this in school.

Left to their own devices, they will practice their expertise. There are just so many hours in the day and they want and need to serve their clients. When skills are honed and consistently implemented, professionals feel more in control and engaged with the firm. Their practices grow, and the phone starts ringing with high-quality clients approaching them.

Through this practical and powerful Keynote, participants will learn strategies and tactics to:

  • Maximize their connections
  • Network with value
  • Make the most of their time

They will gain simple yet effective tactics which will have a compound effect on the growth of their practice. No longer will they spend time on ineffective efforts, wasting valuable time. All while adding value to your firm.

Ideal Audience: Professional who are ready to take the reins on their practice and career.

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