Why Julie Holunga

Why are so many professionals lacking leadership and business development skills?

Team leaders and decision-makers are finding a deficit when it comes to rising professionals in the workplace. These dynamic individuals are smart, educated, and qualified; looking for greater leadership opportunities to grow into the future. The challenge, is many of these same rising stars also lack specific leadership, communication, and/or business development skills essential to long-term success.

Chinook Executive Solutions understands this deficiency. Founder Julie Holunga experienced this gap in competency early in her career. The skillsets, practice, and confidence to master greater leadership opportunities are often not taught in secondary education or post-graduate studies.

When a new leader is placed in a greater role, they need guidance, resources, and a proven support system to generate expected results. With a leader-driven framework, they can address the common feelings of being overwhelmed, under skilled, and not set up for success.

We believe in changing this reality to help your organization and staff have the confidence to grow.

Julie Holunga advises female business leaders, attorneys, and certified professional accountants to develop key leadership skills that match functional and technical expertise.

Julie Holunga works with new, onboarding, and experienced leaders, primarily in professional services, and in mid-size, and global firms, to develop key leadership skills needed to achieve industry-leading expertise. We guide clients to advancement opportunities in their roles while increasing work performance, and positioning companies for success by developing future leaders. We work with clients throughout the United States and Canada.

Julie Holunga: What We Value

We believe our best work highlights five core values. These are the drivers for our strategic partnerships, our messaging, and our solutions.


  • Expertise and Wisdom: Our clients trust us to be the leading voice on our solutions, namely leadership and business development for female leaders, attorneys, and CPAs. This is only possible through past experience and proven insight.
  • Positive Energy: We value the opportunity to feel good about what we do and who we serve. Even the most intense work is energizing when we know it’s worth the effort. We do not and will not put someone on our calendar who we hope will cancel at the last minute.
  • Initiative and Innovation: We actively pursue not only what’s grounded in evidence, backed with data, research, and proven ideas, but also new concepts that are fresh and cutting edge.
  • Partnerships: We believe our Chinook Executive Solutions approach is stronger with strategic partnerships and valued relationships with our clients. Our job is to hold our clients to their best selves and see in them what they may not yet recognize. Our partnerships complement our strengths and add combined capabilities and positive energy to our work together.
  • Productive Change: We lean into the guarantee that change is the only certainty in life. This expectation is what drives us to pursue the latest and greatest in technologies and development concepts. We also expect our clients to experience productive change and actively consider what may need to change for them to grow.

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