Do you find yourself:

  • Striving to be a leader but feel lacking in skills
  • Juggling endless priorities with no sense of accomplishment
  • Playing nice and more concerned about ‘behaving’
  • Reluctant to take the lead even though you know that’s the best thing for you
  • Feeling like your career is out of your hands and out of your control
  • Reluctant to trust others on your team
  • Struggling to accept positive recognition for your accomplishments

You’ve worked hard to get where you are. And yet, you know there’s more in your future. More to accomplish in your career. In fact, the sky’s the limit…

You could be a more skilled leader and take the lead more often. You could be more strategic and get out of the weeds. You know your ideas need to be heard by the right people to change.

But, where can you practice? Where can you learn the necessary skills to uncover what you don’t know? Who can be your sounding board to help you modify, project, and perform R&D before sharing with the decision-makers in your world?

You need a community of other women just as powerful and hungry as you are to succeed.

It’s time to shatter your ceiling with the 
Women’s Catalyst Network

We are an incubator for mid-career women with high career expectations who are driven to achieve their dreams. We combine skill building with ‘thinktank’ insight to support one another in making real-life, measurable progress in our careers, and we hold each other to it.

Who Thrives in the Women’s Catalyst Network?

The Women’s Catalyst Network isn’t for everyone – it’s for the select few who know there is so much more to accomplish. This is for the courageous. The bold. The passionate ones among us who reject status quo and the way things have always been. The Women’s Catalyst Network is an ideal place for women who:


  • Crave the confidence they need to take action in their career
  • Want to expand their network of professional women and build a sounding board for the ‘what if’s’ of business
  • Desired to be seen as the expert they already are and develop a stronger voice to tell the world they’re a badass
  • Minimum of 8 years of experience
  • Manage people and/or projects

The Women’s Catalyst Network creates proven results. Imagine your career with these results:

  • Increased confidence
  • Reinforced self-worth and value and increased self-awareness
  • Leaving situations that are holding you back to create your own successes Learning to have effective conversations that get the results you want
  • Receiving a new job, asking for a promotion, or negotiating a raise… and receiving it!
  • Reaching key objectives through better goal-setting strategies, focus, and time management
  • Increased revenue or income for your business, department, or company
  • Making your ceiling become the floor in your new reality

Now’s YOUR chance to become the Catalyst in your business through the Women’s Catalyst Network. We have a place for you to belong.

 If you don’t join the Women’s Catalyst Network, you risk:


  • Going stagnant in your career

  • Increasing your job-related stress

  • Staying in a place of low-confidence and zero fulfillment

You’ve worked too hard and too long to keep accepting status quo. You need a catalytic experience to take your career to the next level.

Join the Women’s Catalyst Network

See Why Other Women are Raving About the
Women’s Catalyst Network

“I am now comfortable bragging about my successes at work. And I’m encouraging others to do the same.”

Stephanie B

“I really appreciated Julie’s coaching during the Women’s Catalyst Network. She brought together an amazing group of women, great content to the sessions, and ran really impactful sessions that were a mix of learning, coaching, and bonding over shared experiences. Highly recommend the course, and Julie’s coaching!”

Kristin Z.
Regional VP, Performance

“The offer [new job] was only a little bit more than I am currently making. But I remembered our conversations with the Network, so I leaned in, and asked for 10K more. They came back to me the next day and said yes.”

Jamie P
Attorney at Law

“Since I began working with Julie, my professional confidence has increased exponentially. Through Catalyst Network meetings, Julie has provided me with tools that have given me the confidence to advocate for myself in my career, something that I was struggling with for years. I highly recommend that you work with Julie if you want to take your career to the next level!”

Sarah K
Regional Sales Manager

What’s Included in the Women’s Catalyst Network

  • Managing your Inner Critic
  • Emergenetics Profile Debrief
  • Building Confidence
  • Utilizing Strong Leadership Language 
  • Becoming Gender Bilingual 
  • Developing and Engage High Preforming Teams 
  • Reframing Perspectives 
  • Giving Feedback and Having Difficult Conversations
  • Building Relationship Capital


How do I get accepted into WCN?

There are three steps to your acceptance process: 

  • 1

    Complete an application.

  • 2

    Interview with one of our WCN facilitators. We want to ensure everyone is a good fit and part of our commitment to maintaining a well-balanced business group.

  • 3

    If approved, you’re accepted!

Who facilitates WCN?

Our experienced leadership coach Julie Holunga facilitates each session and encourages new perspectives while ensuring a focus on short- and long-term goals for each participant.

How WCN Works

  • Connect with Executive Coaches and peers in a small group setting of no more than nine participants
  • Two-hour monthly sessions for the first nine months
  • Brief preparation is required, typically a short video or article
  • Homework (related to our small group discussion) to help you reach your goals
  • Ongoing peer and facilitator accountability to help each other achieve optimal growth as a community