Strategic Communications through Emergenetics

Your company is likely facing at least one of three core problems


  • Miscommunication. Teams and individuals misunderstand one another on a consistent basis. Assumptions can be made, behaviors and body language can be misinterpreted, and teammates can experience conflict as a result.
  • People mismatched in their roles. Even the most capable people can fail when placed in the wrong role. Lasting success happens when your staff is investing their time, energy, and attention in their areas of strength.
  • Underperforming teams. Over 80% of the U.S. workforce admits to being disengaged at work. Why are your team members lacking motivation, fulfillment, and productivity?

 Your solution: Strategic Communications through Emergenetics


Strategic Communications can give your organization the framework and language to help your teams and individuals thrive. Chinook Executive Solutions facilitates Strategic Communications 

through Emergenetics, a profile assessment tool that examines individual and team’s strengths through seven attributes:

  • Four Thinking Attributes: Analytical, Structural, Social, and Conceptual

  • Three Behavioral Attributes: Expressiveness, Assertiveness, Flexibility

When individuals know their strengths, they can take confident action, and require less direction and involvement from leaders. Emergenetics helps teams understand what perspectives and behaviors allow them to succeed in the most efficient manner. They stop wasting time in incongruent roles.

Benefits of Emergenetics

Emergenetics provides a roadmap for understanding preferred modes of communications, so teams can be more effective, productive, collaborative, and creative in daily work. Long-term outcomes include:

  • More powerful and direct communication
  • Increase in ownership of responsibilities and value-add to teams
  • Effective time management based on individual strengths
  • Diverse perspective on work and how to approach colleagues and clients
  • Higher percentage of business objectives and goals met
  • Leaders build awareness and boost interpersonal and communication skills 

How to Implement Emergenetics With Julie Holunga

Phase I | Meeting of the Minds Workshop

This interactive program helps teams understand how thinking and behavioral tendencies affect work environments, including productivity, team effectiveness, innovation, and creativity. Individuals learn to leverage their own strengths and develop awareness of others. Teams discover how to communicate and work more effectively by harnessing diverse perspectives, resulting in a decrease in miscommunication.

The Meeting of the Minds Workshop may be conducted in three- to seven-hour time frames.

Phase II | Whole Emergenetics Team Workshops

The second phase of Emergenetics through Chinook Executive Solutions is a customized workshop experience for your organization. Julie Holunga partners with team leaders to address specific challenges for their team. Examples of past WE (Whole Emergenetics) Team Workshop topics include:

  • Team Performance
  • Team Norms
  • Problem Solving
  • Time Management
  • Managing Change
  • Innovation
  • Harnessing Differences
  • Resolving Disagreement

The WE (Whole Emergenetics) Team Workshop may be conducted in three- to seven-hour time frames.

Emergenetics Selection Program

Chinook partners with organizations by using the Emergenetics Selection Program for hiring the right candidate. The seven Emergenetics attributes provide the hiring framework to reveal a candidate’s job motivation and aptitude. You will have confidence and peace of mind knowing you’re making the right decision based on job compatibility, company culture, and projected performance for the future.