Business Development Training for Attorneys and CPAs

Building your book of business as an Attorney or CPA can be filled with challenges

If you are a partner or responsible for business development at a CPA or law firm, you may recognize these challenges:

  • You or your practice group is struggling to bring in new clients, overcome communication issues, delegate effectively, and manage time well.
  • New partners are underperforming and senior leadership is taking notice.
  • Business development efforts are not yielding new income.
  • Senior associates or managers are feeling torn between meeting origination expectations and managing billable hours.
  • Your firm’s financial growth is plateauing or already plateaued.

These challenges are not unique to your firm.

The necessary skills to excel and thrive in building your book of business as an Attorney or CPA were not taught in school. There may be a number of factors affecting you or your firm’s performance:

  • Outdated skillsets
  • No strategic system proven to produce consistent ROI
  • Underdeveloped communication skills and processes that affect colleagues and clients alike
  • Lack of leadership skills and insight to ignite lasting change

Chinook Executive Solutions Helps Attorneys and CPAs Thrive In Their Practices

Julie Holunga and Chinook Executive Solutions framework result in clients’ successes in building a sustainable, sizable book of business. Julie’s training helps attorneys and CPAs develop strong communication skills, make the most of their marketing and networking time, and provide a framework for building their book in a manner that is unique and works for them.

The CES Training Framework for Attorneys and CPAs is segmented into two distinct stages:

Stage I | Business Development Training

This initial stage is intended for three to six months of intense Business Development. Working with small groups, Julie facilitates a training framework similar to the example below:

  • Business Development Strategies/Business Development Plan
  • Systems and Metrics/Pipeline Development
  • Gretting the Most Out of Networking
  • Preparing to Meet With Prospects
  • Asking for the Business and Closing the Sale
  • Handling Objections While Building Resilience

Stage I Results:

At the conclusion of this first phase, most firms experience:

  • Better use of the professional’s time
  • Higher ROI from marketing efforts
  • Improved communication between colleagues and clients
  • Elevating the firm’s and individual’s professional reputations throughout their network and community

Stage II | Leadership Development Training

Once a solid business development foundation is established, Stage II Leadership Development Training may be implemented. The following framework, delivered in small groups, is an example of Stage II Training:

  • Managing Difficult Conversations With Clients and Colleagues
  • Giving Effective Feedback to Colleagues, Associates/Managers, and Clients
  • Managing and Overcoming Conflict
  • Building Confidence
  • Dealing with the Imposter Syndrome
  • Utilizing Strong Language to Elevate your Career
  • Improving Team Communication & Effectiveness Framework

Increase the ROI of Your Business Growth today.

Individual Coaching – Julie Holunga provides one-on-one coaching for select individuals. This is an application-only opportunity to help attorneys and CPAs meet their individual objectives and accelerate their careers.