How did two experienced leadership coaches come together to create a powerful network of women leaders?

Julie Holunga

I started the Women’s Catalyst Network to propel female leaders to excel – to be the nudge for them to own their careers. In the first cohort, the participants did just that. They spoke up. They influenced. They were happier! Evan and I had been speaking for a few years on ways we could work together. After the first cohort completed, I realized having a male voice in the mix would not only nudge and propel these female leaders, it would create a uniqueness to the Network. I knew Evan was the only one who could do this! He brings an honesty, insight, and real life c-suite experience to the conversation. Three cohorts later, the Network continues to be our favorite – and most energizing – part of our month!


Evan Roth

After starting a women’s leadership group at my last corporate job, it validated the need that I thought was out there – not enough women were ascending to the top and business results were being impacted as a result.  Research now confirms both facts.  Julie and I quickly discovered that we had a shared interest in advancing women leaders, seeing them develop and grow, and leveraging their collective wisdom.  I was delighted to be asked to partner with Julie in the Women’s Catalyst Network.  Julie’s coaching work with women leaders, her knowledge of the professional services industry, and her experience with top-flight universities were a great complement to my background.  Julie’s courage and forthrightness, understanding of women’s workplace experiences, and sense of humor are just a few of the qualities I appreciate about working with her.  It’s a highlight each month for me to work with Julie and the exceptional women leaders of the Women’s Catalyst Network.

The Women’s Catalyst Network

This is a network of professional women that want to build a strong sounding board. It is for the courageous. The bold. The passionate ones who reject the status quo and the way things have always been. For driven women ready to bring their careers to the next level.

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