Even if it has been a few years since you have been in touch, if you are thinking about someone, send a quick email or pick up the phone and let the person know. Attending a conference you think they should also attend? Come across an article you think they may be interested in? Run into a mutual acquaintance? Send it their way.

Case in point, Kate was in a meeting and through the conversation, thought of a client with whom she hadn’t been in touch for a few years. When she got back to her desk, she called him. He was surprised and pleased to hear from her. She asked about his family, and for an update on the challenge they had been working on together. The following week, he called her back with a new $40,000 piece of business. She was top of mind. Remember, people call you when they need you. Your job is not to nag them, but rather stay in front of them. Be top of mind like Kate.

The Result: We live in a fast-paced world. When we stop for just a moment to lift our heads out of the sand, remarkable things happen. Connect with people. It makes them feel good, and you will certainly learn something new. Only positive outcomes are possible, whether immediate in a new matter or referral, or down the road.

Tip: Don’t hesitate. They will always be happy to hear from you.

Beware: Be genuine. Don’t fake it – they will see right through you. Call because you want to know how they are doing. Simple as that. There is no ask for new work.

Julie Holunga conducts trainings and workshops for Accounting and Law Firms. Reach out to her today to book her  for your next training.