Make Your Back to the Office Approach
the Most Strategic Advantage in Your Industry.

Create a Stronger, Higher-Performing, and More Profitable Hybrid Workplace In Less than 90 Days with ReIgnite.

Over Four Million Americans
Alone Quit Their Jobs in April 2021¹.

Experts are Calling This the Great Resignation – And It Could Be Your Company’s Make-or-Break Moment IF You Know What to Do Next.

With the pandemic winding down, more organizations expect their staff, employees, and leaders to be back in the office, collaborating, reconnecting, and generating more momentum.

There’s just one problem: rising talent got a new taste of what’s possible – and they want more.

Employees are resigning at an absurd rate, as much as 24% higher than any year over the past two decades.

‘The Great Resignation’ started in early 2021 as more and more workers realized life is much more fulfilling outside the outdated everyday-in-the-office demands. Hybrid workplaces are thriving in a post-pandemic marketplace – and professional services and firms without a solid ‘back to office’ strategy will lose their top talent over the next two years.

Expecting your top talent to be fully back in person five days a week isn’t the answer. So, how do you take advantage of attracting top talent looking for a better opportunity with your organization? How do you create a great win-win that helps your shareholders, clients, business leaders, and your team members all thrive?

What if there was a guaranteed way to build a more productive, higher-performing, lucrative workforce that gives your top talent the flexibility they need to do great work?

Wish granted.

*drumroll, please*


Introducing “ReIgnite” by Julie Holunga

Your Six-Session Strategy for Building a Hybrid Workforce That Attracts Top Talent, Reduces Churn, Decreases Management Stress, and Boosts Productivity and Profitability

Hi, I’m Julie Holunga, executive leadership coach for the past 15 years serving some of the most prominent law firms, accounting firms, and tech organizations around the world. After working with Harvard Business School, top Wall Street firms, and tech leaders redefining the future of business, I see a massive shift happening.

Doing work ‘the way we’ve always done it’ – in-person, five days a week, set hours, set locations, etc. – is going extinct. During the awful reality of the Covid-19 pandemic, there was still a silver lining. The flexibility and newfound freedom so many workers experienced through hybrid work opened up a world of fresh, exciting possibilities.

That’s where ReIgnite comes into play – it merges the old way of work (in-person office presence, set meetings, clear chain of communication and leadership) into the new reality of work (online and in-person, collaborative video and project management technology, inviting collaboration and groupthink).

So, why the name “ReIgnite”? It tips the cap to the work your business did for years before the pandemic. People joined your firm believing you offered incredible opportunities. They were ignited, excited to jump in. Now that the world has changed, it’s time to re-engage that passion. It’s time to spark the fire that drew them to your company from Day One.

It’s time to ReIgnite!

What to Expect with ReIgnite

ReIgnite focuses on several key areas of post-pandemic talent development inside law firms and accounting firms, such as:


  • Team dynamics
  • Managing change
  • Navigating difficult conversations
  • Giving and receiving effective feedback
  • Leading with empathy
  • Dealing with conflict

ReIgnite is built on actual in-the-trenches experience. It provides concrete tactics and strategies with practical tools, guidance, and accountability to help you and your team.
Your team members will discover their blind spots, feel heard, and learn to communicate effectively in a post-pandemic world by learning and honing skills. Investing in your talent will develop and retain the ‘movers and shakers’ for your future. ReIgnite will help improve your bottom-line performance and increase success in influencing clients and colleagues. Your talent will then lead with influence and authority.

That’s not wishful thinking. That’s the promise you can bank on if you and your team say “Yes!” to ReIgnite.

“Julie blew me and my team away while leading us through Team Dynamics. It was incredibly helpful to better understand our Emergenetics Profile and how they play out as a team. Julie did a phenomenal job engaging my team, offering tactics, and we had tons of fun all the while. Any company or person would be lucky to work with Julie. She is incredibly professional and a joy to work with!”

Stacy Taubman, Founder and CEO of RISE Collaborative Workspace
& Spritz Medspa

What’s Included with ReIgnite

The ReIgnite program features six sessions delivered every four to six weeks in 75-minute increments. All programming is delivered via Zoom or hosted at your offices. Here’s a roadmap of what’s included with ReIgnite:

Session 01 | Team Dynamics

The first session is all about having a better understanding of the DNA of world-class teams. Why do they succeed and what does it take to build a higher-performing team? We layer in a dynamic mentoring experience, an infrastructure of delegation built on trust, and a culture built on healthy leadership skill development made for actual humans. We also take a deep dive into key challenges that your team is facing right now. How are they preventing or recovering from burnout? What inspires your team to do great work? Even more importantly, how are they planning to actively contribute to a brighter future?

Session 02 | Managing Change

Change is rarely easy. We all respond and manage change in different ways, but we also all can control how we react, behave, and grow through change. Session 2 is about discovering your default thought patterns, transitioning from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, and how to better progress through change.

Session 03 | Becoming Conflict Competent

Unresolved conflict is a ticking time bomb in your firm. Newsflash: top talent wants to work on healthy, thriving teams, which doesn’t happen by accident. It requires an intentional focus on conflict management. Session 3 will help you better understand your natural responses to conflict, learn healthy communication styles, and build constructive behaviors to handle conflict.

Session 04 | Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback

“I have a few notes for feedback.” Did that just make your stomach churn? If so, you’re not alone. Feedback is one of the most avoided conversations for many leaders, but feedback can be a gold mine for growth. Session 4 covers four key steps for giving and receiving effective feedback.

Session 05 | Navigating Difficult Conversations

Feedback, then difficult conversations?! Yes, there are several reasons why we’re going to cover these two topics back-to-back. Difficult conversations are often avoided because they’re uncomfortable and potentially volatile. However, with the right guidance and cooperation, difficult conversations open up more productive conversations that can overcome challenges and strengthen any relationship. Session 5 will open your eyes to see how tough conversations are the gateway to greater connection instead of the road no one wants to travel.

Session 06 | Leading Through Challenging Times

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that significant change combined with worldwide uncertainty will stress-test your leadership abilities. Session 6emphasizes your ability to be more effective and empathetic to your team in even the most difficult circumstances. You will learn how to recognize your own natural reactions and choices – and how to align your leadership skills to best serve during instability.

“Julie led the Colorado Women’s Bar Association Board of Directors through a virtual training to help us understand our strengths. She gave us concrete tactics for how we work together better as a Board and as leaders of the organization. Julie’s thoughtful, professional, and well-executed planning resulted in a seamless virtual program. Julie’s presentation was energizing, engaging, and entertaining.”

Miranda K. Hawkins, Estate Planning Attorney, Past President of Colorado Women’s Bar Association, and Partner, Goddard Hawkins

What’s the Investment with ReIgnite?

Professional development for your talent is a cost item. And yet, it is a long-term investment. When your leaders are confident and clear with their teams, they are not only able to work more efficiently, but they also lead with influence and authority.

The ReIgnite Program will increase your ability to deal not only with gaps in the talent pipeline but also reduce the costs associated with turnover. It will restore and retain engagement with your talent. Your investment today will affect your bottom line for the foreseeable future. There are three distinct options for how your company can participate in ReIgnite:

Option 1

Includes: Six training programs. Planning time with organization leadership; Program design time to customize program; Materials and tools to support success relevant to participants’ objectives.
Participants: The six training programs are open to a maximum of 30 participants.

Option 2

Includes: Six training programs and 32 individual coaching sessions. Planning time with organization leadership; Program design time to customize program; Application and evaluation for recipients of coaching sessions; Materials and tools to support success relevant to participants’ objectives.
Participants: The six training programs are open to a maximum of 30 participants. Coaching sessions are allotted to eight individuals.

Option 3

Includes: Six training programs, 32 individual coaching sessions, and feedback interviews with 40 team members. Planning time with organization leadership; Program design time to customize program; Report and debrief from interviews; Application and evaluation for recipients of coaching sessions; Materials and tools to support success relevant to participants’ objectives.
Participants: The six training programs are open to a maximum of 30 participants. Coaching sessions are allotted to eight individuals. Interviews with 40 individuals.

“Julie led our third Leadership 20 session on Leading through Conflict. And what a rich session it was! She gave terrific food for thought and tools on how to manage through the difficult conversations. Our Leadership 20 emerging leaders cohort appreciated the exercises and walked away with some great techniques. We were thrilled to have Julie as a member of our faculty.”

Veronica Muñoz, Executive Director, CEO, and Senior Operating Executive

The Choice Is Yours: You Can Hope Your Back to the Office Approach Works – OR… You Can Know for a Fact You Made the Right Decision.

Want to see if ReIgnite is perfect for your firm? Take the first step by filling out this simple questionnaire. There is no cost or expectation with filling out this form – simply a chance to make sure we’re the right fit for each other. If it seems like you’re in great alignment, Julie will connect with you to schedule a call.

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