It is almost the end of January. Before the month comes to an end, have you thought through what you want out of 2021? How will you know it has been a successful year?

Unshakable Women Retreat 2021

Instead of, or in addition to, making new year’s resolutions, I recommend developing themes and mantras for the year.


Last week, I co-led a Virtual Retreat with two amazing women, Stephanie Polen and Judy Goldberg. We shared with our audience our Desired Feelings, Words of the Year, and our Mantra for 2021. This year my desired feelings are Calm, Energized (even through Zoom!) and Saturated (but not over saturated). My words are Focused (not distracted) and Visible (however that may be in 2021!) And my Mantra is Find the Opportunities Amongst the Challenges.  When I am overwhelmed, when I am frustrated, when I want to stop, this mantra is what I repeat in my head over and over again.


I highly recommend taking a minute to contemplate your own feelings, words, and mantra for 2021. This is a great way to stay focused and deliberate with your time and effort. Here are some words to get you thinking about how, where, and with whom you want to spend 2021. Circle the words which resonate with you. Then reduce your list to 2 or 3 words to guide you through 2021. Share your words or your motto below!